Halloween Coins -WIP-

Work in progress project for Halloween and kids. I will take care of few kids, so these coins for them. I made a lot of gifts for theem, I'm the best baby-sitter/elder-sister EVER!

coins (c) ME! if you touch them, without my permission, you will be cursed and Spirits of Halloween never let you alone!


Sketches from Istanbul Trip

Hi, I'm back ;)

Air Siren(s)

Children of Nile
These sketches are for our Steampunk themed radio & story project named Steam-Stream.


Sketch for Sandık Dergi's 5th issue.


My old friends and new ones.

a new one :3
he is cute.


Mine & Nasuh Mahruki
Nasuh is the co-founder and the president of AKUT.
AKUT is a Turkish Search and Rescue Assocation.


A photographer also he's a volunteer of AKUT, like me.


aand other new ones!
Merve (she's a Sandık Dergi's editor also one of my DJs in Radio Subdelirious-State)
Aras (director guy)
Nur (Merve's friend)
Barış (he's one my project friends from Steam-Stream)