GGJ 2012

I joined to GGJ Turkey, this was my second time. This year we had a Concept Artist problem. Our number was but few. So, few of us worked with more than one group. I worked with three of them.

Team: The Looking Glass
Game: The Claws of the Twisted

A part of CoT's background concepts and main menu made by me. And... yes, I know. I played so much Dragon Age, it's in my blood, now.


Mirari WIP

One of my first tablet drawings when I was working on GGJ Turkey. Her name is Mirari, also she is my Mage Warden from Dragon Age: Origins. I was sketching her and make her nose like this but never upload to web. When I saw the artworks of Dragon Age II, I was shocked. So I decided to draw her digitally and share. I just loved that game.