Sketch, like a sir!

I wish I can write here, "Greetings from London, I'm posting these sketches on my travel," but no, maybe some day.

So, I was searching for a job or a project and I applied to few job advertisements, send portfolio to few places, etc. Now I have a job hurricane instead of A job. But well... I can't be whiny about it, so far I like all the projects. Only bad thing is my pain, with it sometimes working is a self-torture.

One of the jobs related with London themed iPhone cases. Keywords; WW2, Vintage, Victorian, Union Jack, London Monuments, etc.

Here my first sketches;

Aviator Girl
A friend of mine told me England didn't have female war pilots in WW2
but they work as pilot at some planes, like cargo or transport. But we can always add some imagination, so this girl is going to be badass war pilot, that's my call in the end ;)

Queen's Guard
I don't know... why I draw him. I mean it is so classic...
but well, I think I just have to do it.

Tea Time Ladies
I'm thinking the Art Nouveau style for these two.

Elizabeth the 2nd
Did you know Queen of England was serve as a mechanic and a driver at WW2?
She even have a rank. I find this very interesting. The young Elizabeth with Union Jack and some gears, kinda Steampunk, and with a crown showing her future role for her people.

Picture Frames

"Like a Lady" & "Like a Sir"
I may add few features, too. But I really don't want to be separated between genders.

Union Jack

Covered with London Monuments, Red Buses and Phone Cabins.
I really want to paint with blue one of these cabins <3

Churchill's War Quotes

I'm thinking I can write one of his quotes on this one.
Or I may choose few quotes and write them to different ones. So people can choose whichever quote they want with the same illustration.

That's all, I like to read some opinions if is anyone hearing my voice out there!


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