Mother's Day Postcard Sketches

The-charitable-foundation's-name-here-which-is-i-remove-because-of-being-professional requested some postcard designs for Mother's Day.

I'm having really terrible months, oh the diseases how I HATE you. I just want a painless day, just one, without any illness, any allergy. I was trying to work on those postcards but I couldn't find a moment to draw something. Besides this, the inspiration came to me IN THE LAST WEEK OF APRIL at 4 am!!! Like a joke, like a f***ing joke.

Those last comic scripts I draw, making them almost took 15 mins, give or take it. But the pain... I am freaking out here.

Forgive the poor photos, don't have a scanner here :<

Oh, hello new friend, the painkillers cocktail.

So, cheers!

*down the hatch!*

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