Tattoo WIPs

I was playing a game with a friend based on one of my old sci-fi stories. So I decided to work on my character's tattoos.
I really like blue hair, especially when it is Mohawk and also I really like using "Blue" as a name. So, this is one of my "Blue-Named-Characters." Mostly they taking their names from their hair of course. I don't know why I became so obsessive with that color in last years.

Well, I couldn't do much also I did that at 5th of April. Hmm, I should poke the girl so we can continue to game.

Also, I turned my blogger interface to old version but then I saw this "The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming month. Upgrade Now." Really? Scumbag Blogger Y U NO LET ME USE WHATEVER INTERFACE I WANT TO USE?!! SAME FOR YOU GMAIL!! I hate you all fuckers.

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